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Welcome to the official website of the 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines Association – the "Magnificent Bastards."

Within these pages, you’ll get to know the warriors, past and present, of the finest infantry battalion of the United States Marine Corps, and the courageous chaplains and corpsmen of the United States Navy who care, or have cared, for them.

We hope you’ll enjoy looking through the site, getting to know us and seeing what we’re all about. We’ve been going strong since 1988 and getting stronger every year. Our membership includes Marines from all corners of the United States having served from private to commandant, all of whom share the pride and privilege of having earned the title "United States Marine,” “Chaplain” and those few who earned another title, equally honored and deeply esteemed by Marines, the simple, three-letter title of "Doc."

Once you've navigated your way around the site, please feel free to make suggestions and let us know what you think. Those of you who have been either assigned or attached to the 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines of all eras, please consider taking membership and letting your friends know about us.

President's Scoop

With respect, thank you for the Honor. Throughout these past four years as your president I have observed and listened to our evolving changes within our proud Magnificent Association and Marine Corps, a tradition like no other. The basic dynamics of our Marine heritage remain; men and women, privates-generals, aviators, personnel and supply clerks alike, are trained first to be rifleman. And, mostly of their own volition, Magnificent Corpsmen I have known would attest to the same basic training.

I have listened to and shared your courageous stories, some at reunions, which I will treasure always, and others on the phone late into the night. I have shared and celebrated the honor of our first "home coming", since Vietnam, of our Second Battalion, Fourth Marines from Afghanistan and the adoption by the city of San Clemente, California as our home all in one breath. Ooh-Rah! Collaboratively with the command leadership of the battalion we continue annual awards for those individual 2/4 Marines upon returning from serving most admirably on their respective MEUs. We have supported, contributed, and recruited at the 2/4 Ramadi reunions in California 2014. Today we continue our efforts with special assistance from "One Magnificent Bastard", B/Gen. Weise to solicit and fund the placement of bricks at the Marine Corps Museum on Semper Fidelis Park of each individual 2/4 Marine KIA throughout our prestigious history. Most importantly our reunions reunite the ‘Salts’, the beer, a cigar and emotions of Once Always. It is our celebration and memorial of those serving elsewhere as we "Remember Them".

Your board continues diligent administrative strides in rewrites of the By-laws and Operating Policies. Their conscientiousness and sincere efforts to "make it reflect" the changing times of our association is demonstrated through the clarity of the documents and re-writes the membership has voted to accept. I commend and thank them for their support. (Brooks Wilson VP, Manny Travasso Secretary, James Swann Treasurer, James Rogers and Scott Laidig Directors and Jack Petrowsky Immediate Past President) Fundamental to the operation of this association is the support firstly of its’ membership and we thank you for your support through your attendance at reunions across the country.

Significant to the overall association operation and individuals deserving of commendations are Becky and Frank Valdez. Becky serves in conjunction with Jim Rogers as the Seahorse editor. In addition she also quarterly distributes electronically to the membership each individual Seahorse. Frank is our Association Chaplin, which along with Bob Mercer connect on behalf of the Association in time of need through the mailing of Association cards and faith communication. Membership is methodically and diligently updated because of John Hembrough. He communicates with those members enlisting, re-uniting, and needing an ear to discover the 2/4 home. Our Membership document now reflects what it should be through his efforts, along with support from Joyce his devoted bride.

Leadership disseminated to this President evolved from a variety of sources and admired individuals. Phyllis Ann, my wife, has been most supportive in many ways, attempting to comprehend the Marine jargon and the mid-night phone calls. B/Gen. Bill Weise is the Marine "guidon" whom I have tried to represent. As Association Historian he magnifies that which we are. With his continuing efforts to recognize each member of our historical history, from San Juan to present day, WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam (Starlite and the landing at Red Beach), Ramadi, and Afghanistan, he personifies us all. Other leaders from whom I listened and learned are Generals James Livingston, The Skipper, and Al Gray Commandant. Having returned to Vietnam with The Skipper I began to fully realize the magnitude of the Man aside from the Marine. Sitting with him amongst other Medal of Honor recipients put a point on the pencil. When you share dinner with the 29th Commandant how can you but not listen to the leadership that he exudes from every Marine pore of his body. He was wearing a camouflage dinner jacket presented to him by PX Kelley, 28th Commandant and Battalion CO of 2/4 for goodness sake. The Marine that put boots on the ground for me in a multitude of ways was, is Dave Jones. Aside from being a leader of Marines he was a past president of our association. I have said to him "if we were not blown up by the same round, there may have been three Medals of Honor on the battle field of Dai Do." He has been a "sounding board" and has become a friend. For me he is much more than "The Lieutenant". The innate quality which each of these men harbors is that they continue to work to help Marines. On behalf of the Second Battalion, Fourth Marines Association, Thank You Sirs! Thank you Phyllis Ann!

If you have not made your reservations for July 22-26 reunion, please make some headway and sign up ASAP. We anticipate this reunion will be a lifetime highlight. We anticipate at least three commandants in attendance along with Gold Star family members. I look forward to seeing you there.

Semper Fidelis,

Steve Wilson, President


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